9 benefits of Retractable Seating units, and how they can transform your venue

In the world of entertainment, flexibility and efficient use of space are key attributes to success. Retractable Seating units are becoming a popular solution for venues striving to host an array of events, from sports games, talks and speeches, theatre, art events and concerts.

Also referred to as telescopic. And bleacher seating, these seating systems are transforming the way venues utilise their space and offer many benefits beyond space saving, find out what these benefits are as we uncover them in this blog post.

Space Efficiency and Optimisation

One of the primary advantages of retractable seating is how much space it can save a venue. When the unit is not being used, the seats can be collapsed and the unit can be retracted into or against the wall. This smart functionality not only opens up the space for other uses but is also designed to ensure that the unit remains aesthetically pleasing whether set up or retracted. Venues need not to worry about stacking chairs cluttering up the room anymore.

Incorporating retractable seating into a venue converts what was once a simple space into a multipurpose events room with the capability of hosting a wide variety of events, making it attractive to wider audience.

Take a look at how neat a seating unit can look when retracted into the wall:

This image is an example of seating that can be retracted into the wall for aesthetic and practical purposes


Flexibility and versatility are an important part of the design process for retractable seating. They are designed to allow easy adjustment for an array of events. Whether a venue is hosting an intimate theatre show or a large sporting event, certain sections of the unit can retract or deployed suiting it to different sized crowds and events.

Be the number one choice over your competitors 

Let’s face it, when it comes down to event organisers selecting a venue for an upcoming show, their first choice of venue will be the nicest looking and the one which is most suited to their event. With retractable seating being aesthetically pleasing, practical and versatile for many types of events, venues with retractable seating units will be first choice for many event organisers, landing the venue with the best acts and shows.

Savings on time and labour 

Retractable seating has changed the game forever, traditional seating is now considered a laborious and time-consuming process. The newest systems offer electronic seating deployment at a push of a button and with minimal effort, saving venues time and money and simplifying logistics.

Improved sight-lines for the perfect view

One of the considerations during the design process of retractable seating is ensuring that there is optimal viewing from each seat on the unit, guaranteeing that not one seat in the venue is better than the other. Attention to detail like this enhances the spectators experience, in turn making the venue the preferred choice for event organisers and audiences.

Safety and accessibility

A consideration at the forefront of the design process is the safety and accessibility of the unit. Each unit includes features like brakes, step lights, underside locking mechanisms and integrated side railings to keep audiences safe. During the design process, venues can also have their retractable seating unit made to meet accessibility standards, including solutions to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges. 

See images below for an example of a seating unit designed to meet accessibility needs. 

Retractable seating accessibility
accessibility design for retractable seating units

Customised for each venue

Another great advantage of retractable seating is the potential of complete customisation. Venues can choose from an array of colours, seat designs and materials, writing tablets and desks to in keep with their aesthetic and brand. This kind of customisation promotes a cohesive look and an overall professional image.

Check out the retractable seating unit below with a custom colour design in keeping with the school’s image.

Customised colour scheme for retractable seating unit

Maximising capacity

For many events, audience size matters and retractable seating boasts a solution for venues struggling to secure events that require space for larger audiences. Through optimizing seating layouts, venues can increase their audience capacity within the same space, compared to temporary and permanent seating solutions.

Durability and maintenance 

Retractable seating systems are made from solid materials that are designed to last the test of time. From the steel under structure to the steel seat frames and high-quality upholstery, they are likely to last longer than the loose chairs that are being stored in lockers and set up with less care due to the time-consuming arduous task. Still to this day we are servicing and maintaining units that were built 25+ years ago and they are still in great shape, looking and functioning as intended.


Retractable seating systems are pioneering and changing the way spaces in venues are being used by offering flexibility, efficiency and other benefits. Retractable seating offers a great solution to any venue looking to better their audiences experience, increase event and revenue opportunities or to solely improve they way a space is being used. As the industry continues to move forward, these systems will certainly become a staple piece of equipment in venues worldwide, changing the way venues are viewed and used.

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