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In the realm of seating systems, the need for replacements is inevitable due to wear and tear over time. At Seating Services Ltd, we understand the importance of timely and efficient replacement services to ensure the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of your seating arrangements. Specialising in retractable, bleacher, and telescopic seating, our replacement services cater to a wide array of needs, from minor fixings to more substantial parts and entire chairs or fascia boards.

Our approach to replacements is thorough and methodical. During our servicing process, we meticulously examine each component of your seating system. This includes a detailed assessment where we identify any parts that require replacement. As part of our standard service package, we include the replacement of any minor fixings and parts, ensuring that your seating system remains in optimal condition without additional costs. For more significant replacements, such as major parts or complete chairs, we provide a detailed follow-up service report. This report not only advises on the necessary replacements but also gives an overview of the overall condition of your seating system, allowing you to make informed decisions about future maintenance and refurbishments.

The aesthetic aspect of replacements is also a key consideration in our service. We understand that seating systems are not just functional elements but also contribute to the overall look and feel of a venue. This is particularly true for fascia boards, which often serve as a visual highlight in many seating arrangements. Our replacement services aim to not only restore functionality but also to enhance the visual appeal of your seating systems.

At Seating Services Ltd, our replacement services are seamlessly integrated into our comprehensive maintenance offerings. We are committed to delivering solutions that extend the life and enhance the value of your seating systems. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust that your seating will be maintained to the highest standards, ensuring comfort, safety, and satisfaction for its users.

Fascia Boards

At Seating Services Ltd, we excel in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of seating systems with our bespoke fascia board services. Recognising that fascia boards are not only essential for concealing structural elements but also for adding a touch of elegance, we offer custom solutions tailored to both fixed and retractable seating systems.

Our ability to retrofit fascia boards to any seating arrangement sets us apart. We skilfully manufacture suitable brackets that allow for the precise placement of these boards, ensuring a seamless fit regardless of the seating system’s design. Whether your seating is fixed in place or retractable, we have the expertise to enhance its appearance and functionality with our fascia solutions.

We are proud to collaborate with a local company renowned for their vast selection of veneered MDF. This partnership enables us to offer hundreds of different styles, delivering the authentic look and feel of real wood. Our clients can select from a wide range of finishes to meet their specific aesthetic requirements. Each fascia board can be CNC machined to any shape or size with the utmost precision, accommodating complex designs including curves and bullnosed edging.

Every fascia board we create is varnished in-house, ensuring a high-quality finish that is ready for installation. Our skilled engineers are adept at fitting these boards on-site, ensuring a professional and polished look upon completion. Whether you are looking to replace damaged fascia boards or simply wish to revitalise the appearance of your seating system, we can match new fascias to existing ones with precision, creating a cohesive and renewed look.

Our fascia board solutions are not just about aesthetics; they serve a practical purpose too. They effectively conceal any structural elements that might be unsightly, and they can also restrict access to certain parts of the seating systems, ensuring both safety and a streamlined appearance.

Choose Seating Services Ltd for your fascia board needs, and let us transform your seating systems into elegant, functional, and safe spaces that impress from every angle.

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