Neglect and the hidden costs from not servicing Retractable Seating annually

Neglect and the hidden costs from not having seating units serviced annually

Picture this, you have a full week of back-to-back, sold out shows fast approaching, and one of the motors on your retractable seating unit, (that has been playing up for a while) finally packs it in. Now you’re unable to pull the seating unit out and you’ve had to cancel some of the upcoming shows until we’ve diagnosed and fixed the problem. This may sound far-fetched. But it’s not the first time we’ve heard of a scenario like this. 90% of the time, issues like this occur because units have been neglected over time and haven’t received regular maintenance.

I understand that annual servicing for your retractable seating may seem like an unnecessary cost, but in the long run, periodic maintenance will save the venue money on last minute repairs, breakages and loss in ticket sales.

Why Retractable seating units are so popular.

Retractable seating is becoming a staple piece of equipment for so many venues like, schools, arenas, theatres, sports centres and more. This is down to the flexibility and efficiency they offer venues, allowing fast turnarounds between shows and the venue being able to use the same room or area for multiple disciplines. However, to keep these units as flexible and efficient as they are on day one of installation, the mechanical and moving parts require periodic inspection and maintenance.

The mechanics of seating systems.

There are many moving parts on seating systems to make them so streamlined. Over time these parts will naturally experience wear a tear from regular use. Maintenance is a must to keep these moving parts in tip top shape.  Some of the mechanical items we look out for during our service are:

       Latch keepers & column latches


       Seat springs

       Arm rests

       Motors and rollers

       Brake pads

       Floor fixings

       Gas struts

       Release bars

       Wall mounts

Wear and tear on the mechanics of your retractable seating system can also stem from staff operating without the right instruction or training. With the correct and mindful use, retractable seating units can be used multiple times a day for many years. But without the right training, it’s very easy to unintentionally operate the system in the wrong manner and may result in broken parts.

What happens when seating systems are neglected.

Retractable seating units are solid and designed to be used daily, provided that periodic inspections are carried out and minor issues are dealt with.

If minor issues are not promptly rectified, they will likely trigger a domino effect and create bigger issues or safety hazards further down the line. At times we have seen venues deem their own units as unusable due to safety hazards. In the long run, ignoring issues with your seating unit will reduce its life span and potentially cost the venue more than it should in repairs.

The benefits of annual servicing.

Annual servicing allows you to address and keep on top of minor issues. Preventing the domino effect and problems becoming larger in the future. It ensures that your seating unit is complying with the current safety regulations and improves the longevity of the system, thus protecting the venues investment.

Having your seating system looked at annually by professionals saves you from future headaches and inspires confidence knowing that experts have deemed your unit safe to use.

A recent example of a neglected system.

We were recently called out to inspect a retractable seating unit, after a member of staff had injured themselves whilst operating it. The seating system had not been looked after or serviced for a number of years and as a result, has become unsafe to be operated by staff, and used by clientele. Unfortunately, this has had a knock-on effect to their upcoming shows until time and money is spent making the unit safe again.  This has all stemmed from the unit being neglected over previous years.

And there you have it, that is why not having your seating system serviced annually is an unsuccessful way of saving money in the long run. Don’t neglect your seating system to the point where it is unusable or unsafe. Save the future headache and get a free service quote by emailing for a free service quote.

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