What you can expect from our Retractable Seating servicing, and why it should be carried out annually.

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Periodic servicing and maintenance are important steps toward the longevity of your seating unit. In this article, I will go through what we included in our servicing package, how often servicing should be carried out and why it should be done by professionals.

At Seating Services, we’ve specialised in Retractable Seating servicing and repairs, country wide for over 20 years. Our knowledge coupled with extensive experience allows is to offer the most comprehensive servicing for every make and model of seating on the market.

Why does retractable seating need to be serviced?

In short, Retractable Seating must be serviced and maintained to comply with building and safety regulations. Periodic servicing ensures the safety and functionality of your seating unit.

Retractable seating is built to a standard of safety for the purpose of holding 200+ people at any one time, and this standard must be complied with throughout its lifespan.  These units are pieces of moving equipment and considered to be a piece machinery whilst being operated under power. This means that your unit must comply with the following regulations:

·      BS EN 13200 standard

·      Provision and Use of Work Equipment (PUWER) 


The BS EN 13200 standard solely refers to sports venues. It “specifies design and management requirements for spectator facilities at a permanent or temporary entertainment venue, including sports stadia, sports halls, indoor and outdoor facilities to enable their functionality” More information on the BS EN 13200 standard can be found here.

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment (PUWER) is applicable to all Companies, Businesses and Organisations that own or operate work equipment. ‘Work Equipment’ is classed as any machinery appliance, apparatus, tool or installation for use at work. The work equipment is to be inspected by qualified professionals and proof of inspection needs to be present prior your work equipment being operated and used.


How often should Retractable Seating be serviced?

We recommend that retractable and fixed seating units are inspected annually to ensure that we are on top of any required maintenance, and so the unit is complying with current regulations. Once you are in our system, we send out annual service reminders 30 days prior to the date of your next inspection, so it doesn’t slip under the radar.


What is included in our Retractable Seating servicing?

We run our servicing alongside a comprehensive checklist to ensure there is nothing missed. We have experience with every seating unit on the market, giving us knowledge of all the common nuances and unit specific items to look out for.  

During our visit, we replace any small fixings and carry out minor adjustments where needed. Once your service is complete you will receive a detailed report of any health and safety concerns and advisory items you may wish to rectify. Here are a few of the items we check during our service:

·      Latch keepers & column latches

·      Wheels

·      Seat springs

·      Arm rests

·      Motors and rollers

·      Brake pads

·      Floor fixings

·      Gas struts

·      Release bars

·      Wall mounts

·      Kickboards

·      Carpets

·      Upholstery


What you’ll receive after the inspection.

Alongside a detailed report of any health and safety issues or advisory’s we may find, you will receive a Certificate of Inspection for your records. Deeming your unit structurally sound and safe to use for another year.


Organisations often consider servicing a waste of money, but by having your retractable seating unit serviced annually gives you that piece of mind knowing that your unit is safe to use and complying with current regulations.


Choose us for a service you can trust from industry experts, use our contact form or email info@seatingserviceslimited.co.uk for a no obligation quote.


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